22 Aug 2011

Movies Are Cool

I've just finished my first day at Weta Digital as a Production Engineer. The group I'm working with help to keep the world spinning in the correct direction so the creative folks can do their thing.

Lot's of smart and interesting people. Tons of things I need to learn still but I don't feel out of step there at all.

Someone asked me today if the movies seem less magic now that I've had a peek behind the curtain. It's had just the opposite effect -- the effort, the energy and the creativity is massive. Looks like the best kind of magic to me.


Br3nda of coffee.geek.nz said...


dncgtoadgoo said...

Ah, snap! Congratulations!

Is this full time, or are you still part of Catalyst?

And now, I'm jealous. :-P

- Tony

Reed said...


and, yeah, this is way more than full time even so no longer at Cat House. I do miss Catalyst and would not be sad to be working there again at some point.

I can't deny this is a job to be jealous about. I'm more excited about it than when I started.

That said -- it's no more and no less than a gang of artistically bent folks all working together. I think that describes you and Wendy. It's just a matter of scale.

dncgtoadgoo said...


You're in the credits! How sweet is that?!?

Reed said...

That's definitely fun to see -- though I was kind of hoping Prometheus would be my first as it's more my kind of flick.

Hard to complain though.