8 May 2011

Flickr Backups - PicBackFlick, but really digital autonomy

I've been working on a Flickr backup utility and it's far enough along now for other people to give it a go.

See http://reedwade.net/picbackflick/
code at https://github.com/reedwade/PicBackFlick

It's written in python, is a command line script, is suitable for running via cron, has a handy locally browsable HTML photo viewer, etc.

It works well and there's more features it needs which I'll be adding over time but if you feel like lending a hand then please do.


I like using tools like gmail and flickr but I don't like the idea of depending on their good nature to keep my stuff safe. Keeping my own copy of the originals and meta info in a place I control is only sensible.

So, this takes care of photos, now I need similar tools for:
- gmail (and contacts and calendars)
- twitter
- blogger
- linkedin


Chris said...

For gmail I use offlineimap. And for twitter I use tweetnest

Reed said...

cool, I'll have a play with those

Keith said...

yeah, gmail supports an imap server so you could use any of the tools that let you mirror an imap account.

Reed said...

will do that - actually gmail was my biggest worry and it sounds like that'll be the simplest to sort